Acceptable Forms of Identification

Acceptable Forms of Identification in Scotland

This Post was up-dated on 18/09/2013
Under Scottish licensing law, retailers of alcohol are expected to implement a “Challenge 25” policy when selling alcohol or any age restricted product.

What is Challenge 25?

If a person appears to be under the age of 25 years, (the purchaser). They should be asked by the retailer or a member of staff at the licensed premises to prove they are over the age of 18.
Trading Standards have stated: “It is not acceptable practice to merely ask someone how old they are, you must seek confirmation of age via an official document if you suspect an individual to be under 25 years of age”.

You should only accept official forms of identification as defined under the Licensing Act. These are as follows:

  1. UK Driving Licenc
  2. EU Photocard Driving Licence
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Young Scot Card
  5. Identification card bearing the PASS hologram

There are several forms of identification that are acceptable as proof of age and all will contain a recognizable photograph and also show a date of birth. These include:

youngScotYoung Scot Card
Citizen Card
Citizen Card
front-of-licenceUK Driving Licence

UK Passport
EU Driving Licence


As you can see there are various forms of identification available, all of the above carry the PASS hologram logo except the UK Passport and UK Driving Licence. All of the above cards can be accepted as proof of age throughout Scotland. Student I.D card and bank debit/credit cards are not a valid form of identification.

Unfortunately there are also identity cards on the market that look very similar to some of the above. They are classed as novelty items and can be obtained via the internet for as little as £10.00. You will need to be vigilant when checking forms of identification.

Beware of fake I.D. cards! always take the card from the individual and check the indentification offered to you is genuine.