Alcohol licence staff training in Scotland

Scottish Bar Staff

Scottish Bar Staff

Staff selling alcohol in Scotland


  • Every member of staff involved in the sale of alcohol must receive basic training.
  • Basic staff training must last for a minimum of two hours and cover the 16 mandatory units prescribed by Scottish government
  • A premises manager or experienced personal licence holder may deliver the training. Alternatively, staff training may undertaken through a course book or e-learning course.


The Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff

Personal Licence Scotland has launched the Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff (SCLPS) as a means of completing basic staff training at work or at home. The Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff is an interactive e-learning training course, hosted online by Personal Licence Online.

SCLPSWhat about personal licence holders?

Every personal licence holder completes a training qualification prior to application and therefore does not need to undertake a basic staff training qualification.

Course Content

Basic staff alcohol licence training must cover the 16 units prescribed by the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005:

1: The legal basis of the requirement for the training of staff.
2: Licensing and the licensing objectives.
3: The definition of “alcohol” in the Act.
4: What constitutes an unlicensed activity or sale?
5: The functions of Licensing Standards Officers, including their powers of entry.
6: The Function of an Operating Plan within the Licensing System
7: The different types of premises licence conditions.
8: Special provision for clubs.
9: Licensed hours.
10: Offences under the Act, particularly those involving persons under the age of 18.
11: Proof of age and the Sale of Alcohol to Children and Young Persons.
12: Test purchasing of alcohol.
13: Best practice as regards standards of service and refusing service.
14: Units of alcohol and the relationship between units and the strength of different alcoholic drinks.
15: The sensible drinking limits for males and females recommended by the British Medical Association.
16: Good practice in managing conflict situations.

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