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SALPS online course

E-Learning the easy option!

Many students who attend Universities in Scotland look for part-time work to help supplement their income while studying. Part-time bar work has always been a good option. However student now require a basic knowledge of the licensing Act for Scotland before they can even step behind a bar. Under the licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 part-time bar staff must have received training on the Act. This can be achieved easily using our SALPS E-Leaning course. Our range of E-Learning products will give you all the knowledge  you require to work part-time in the hospitality industry in Scotland.

What do I require to work part-time?

The ideal mix of qualifications would be a SALPS (Scottish Award for Licensed Premises Staff) or the SCLPS (Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff) a Food Hygiene qualification would also be advantageous. This could be in the form of A Basic,Fundamental or Level 1 qualification or you may require a level 2 Food Safety Certificate if you intend to serve food or prepare food from behind a bar.

Obtaining your certificates before you attend Uni in Scotland is a must as potential employers will require you to produce them before starting part-time work in a restaurant, bar, hotel, take-away, pub or club. E-Leaning is the easy solution you can study at home in your own time and when you are ready take a short online test to prove your competence. The cost is quite minimal as courses range from about £15.00 up to about £35.00 for a level 2 qualification.

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