Bars and pubs in Glasgow to get 1am licence

Glasgow cities licensing board proposes trading times could be more flexible.

Bars and pubs in Glasgow to get 1am licence?

Broadcast-Glasgow-nights-outPUBS in Glasgow city centre could be allowed to open until 1am seven days a week under new proposals outlined by the cities licensing board, the board proposed introducing a terminal hour of 1am for pubs and bars in the city centre..The board also outlined plans to bring late night premises outwith the city centre in line with their city centre counterparts by granting licensed hours to 3am, and extending the current terminal hour of 10pm for outdoor drinking in pub beer gardens and other outdoor areas in “exceptional circumstances”.

Councillor Cunning from the cities licensing board said: “We would regard 1am opening for city centre bars as a sensible compromise for those who wish to stay out a little later, but who do not want to go to on to a nightclub to do so. There was widespread support for this measure in our initial consultations and it must be seen within the context of a wider policy approach that will bring greater clarity to how respective premises should operate.

The city of Glasgow will of course play host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games so there are fresh proposals to redraw the map on the areas in Glasgow considered to have an area of over populated licensed premises. As part of the consultation on the statement, there is a request for views on how the city’s licensing board should respond to the forth coming Commonwealth Games.

Other proposals include possible changes to licensed hours for So-called ‘hybrid premises’ and casinos. The document also said casinos must demonstrate that, between the hours of 3am and 6am, the primary activity is gambling and not the consumption of alcohol or other forms of entertainment.

Further proposals in the draft statement include imposing a limit on the number of applications to extend licensed hours which will be granted during any one year.

All responses to the consultation are to be returned by October 31 this year and a final policy statement is expected to be published by the end of November.



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