What can happen if I do not refresh my personal licence?

What can happen if I do not refresh my personal licence?

All personal licence holders have a mandatory obligation to undertake refresher training every five years from the date of grant of their original personal licence.

If refresher training on the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 is not undertaken then the relevant licensing board that issued the licence has the power to revoke the licence.

Confused SCPLH/RPersonal licence holders who received a personal licence on or before September 1, 2009 must have completed refresher training by August 31, 2014 and submit evidence of this to their relevant board no later than December 1; those who fail to comply will have their licence revoked and cannot apply for a new one for five years.

If a personal licence is revoked and you are the acting premises manager (licensee) then the premises can not trade. Selling alcohol without a premises manager is an offence. See; licensing Act 2005/16/ section 54.

The personal licence holder refresher course in known as the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holder Refresher or SCPLH/R for short.

This is held as a half day refresher training session and has been designed to up-date delegates to changes in the 2005 Act. Candidates can book online at:  www.personallicencescotland.com

Once you have undertaken training you have a duty to notify the relevant licensing board and issue them with your SCPLH/R certificate of training.

www.personallicencescotland.com hold refresher training courses in Ayr, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness. Training sessions are available both mornings and afternoons, however spaces are limited to 18 delegates per course due to BIIAB examination rules.



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