Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Payment for a course place must be made in full during the booking procedure. Please note that a candidate cannot
be placed onto a course prior to the completion of payment transaction. An exception to this procedure is made for
the use of a payment code corresponding to a confirmed order associated with government funding.
Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Paypal, cheque or bank transfer. Cheques are payable to
Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd. Bank transfer details available on request. We do not store credit card details nor
do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any delay in application
procedures that have resulted from a delay in payment. Where a training course is offered at a discount from our list
price, the discounted price offered is subject to payment with booking and availability of places.
Confirmation of booking
Once payment is received in full, Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd or one of its associates or representatives will
forward confirmation of your course reservation, the course material and directions to the training venue.
Change of course date and/or course venue
If an individual candidate is unable to attend the scheduled course date, the candidate should notify Personal
Licence Training (UK) Ltd at least 24 hours in advance. If they do so, Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd will agree an
alternative course date with the candidate for any course date in the next 6 months, subject to availability and to the
payment of an administration charge (currently £15.00 +VAT – payable at time of amendment).
Where a candidate fails to notify Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd of their inability to attend their confirmed course
date, a new booking will have to be made- this may incur a re-booking fee of £50.00 plus VAT. Where the candidate
fails to contact us within 4 weeks after the original confirmed course date, any re-booking after that date will be
treated as a new booking and shall attract the full course fee in force at that time.
Cancellation of a course booking or of any service provided by Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd
Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd operates a no refund policy in respect of the cancellation of individual course
bookings or any other service provided.
If a course is run exclusively for a corporate customer – at Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd Head office, regional
office or, on a customer site or any other alternative venue – the same no-refund terms apply in the event of
cancellation, but an alternative course date can be arranged by agreement.
In the event that it is necessary for Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd to cancel or reschedule a course, we will
endeavour to give a minimum of 7 days notice. In such circumstances a full refund will be made, or alternative dates
will be made available and all liability by Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd will be limited to the value of the original
course fee.Name on certificate or full personal licence
It is vitally important that all candidates undertaking any qualification or examination with Personal Licence Training
(UK) Ltd ensure they enter their full name, including any middle names as shown on official documentation such as
their passport. An incorrect spelling will delay certification and would also incur further charges to correct this;
subsequently this will also affect your licence application. Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd cannot be held
responsible for any error made by a candidate. You will be asked to check the spelling of your name and date of birth
prior to sitting your examination with our Company or any of our associates. Incorrect spellings will incur an
additional cost of £42.00 + VAT.
Processing your licence documentations
If Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd is processing a full personal licence application on your behalf then our
processing team at head office will send all relevant documentation to the address stated at the time of booking.
Please do not hand these documents to any associate, third party, trainer or invigilator. They must be returned in
the prepaid envelope provided with your application pack. Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd cannot be held
responsible for any documentation or photographs handed to third parties.
Licence holder rights and paying for an employee’s personal licence:
Some Employers may pay for staff personal licence training and examinations, and/or the processing of personal
licenses. This is a contractual arrangement between the Employer and the Employee. Under the Licensing Act 2003,
a personal licence issued for the sale of alcohol is personal to individual named on the licence, regardless of whether
or not the employer paid for the licence application. The personal licence and the certificate of training are the
property of the employee to whom they are named. Any disputes arising after the issue of the personal licence
and/or the certificate are a civil matter and are not the responsibility of Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd.
Processing the personal licence application
PLT can accept no responsibility for application delays occurring as a result of delays taking place in the offices of
external organisations. PLT can accept no responsibility for items lost in the post or delays resulting from the loss of
items in the post. If clients fail to return all requested documentation to the company within a period of 28 days
from point of booking then Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd reserve the right to close a clients file. Clients will be
notified in writing of pending case closures and an administration charge of £125.00 + VAT will be charged to reopen
a client file.
Data Protection:
CRB checks and personal licence files are protected under the Data Protection Act. At no time will personal
information be divulged to an employer. The policy of the transfer of personal data to third party organisations
involved in training or the licence application can be viewed in the privacy policy statement.
A formal invoice will be provided for every product purchased with Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd. An invoice will
be posted to the address provided by the customer during the booking procedure. It is the responsibility of the
customer to provide an accurate address. Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd cannot be held responsible for postal
items that have entered the postal system.
Please note the price of a course or service stated on www.personallicence.com is the price for that course or service
as an overall product. By booking into a course, the customer is purchasing a product in its entirety, rather than the
product’s various components.The price of that product, inclusive of VAT, is an accurate figure to which the contract between PLT Online Limited
and the customer is signed. Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd cannot guarantee the accuracy of any other price
advertised outside of www.personallicence.com.
Any course or service price not inclusive of VAT stated on www.personallicence.com or affiliated websites is an
estimate only, derived from the subtraction of the current VAT rate of 20% from the overall cost of that product.
A summary of the components of a course or service will be provided in the formal invoice for the course, posted to
the customer. Within this summary will be a breakdown of the VAT elements of the product, including zero rated
elements, based on the product’s various components. An accurate product cost not inclusive of VAT can be derived
from this written invoice alone. This is due to the fact that the proportion of zero rated components of a course will
fluctuate in proportion to the quantity of zero rated learning material that the client has requested within their
learning or service package.
E learning software content
A purchased e-learning training course is applicable to the named individual. In purchasing an e-learning course, the
customer does not attain temporary rights to the software content. The software content may not be used in the
training of any person other than the named individual. E-learning courses require a valid e-mail address and users
can not use the same e-mail for multiple candidates.
All information displayed on any of the companies’ websites is presumed correct at the time of press. Personal
Licence Training (UK) Ltd cannot be held responsible for any incorrect text, information, up-dates in law or variation
in price structure. Our information technology team endeavour to keep all prices and information up to date.
All course materials provided by Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd or affiliated training providers, including e
learning material, are protected by copyright. Breaching copyright is a criminal offence.
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