F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a personal Licence?

To qualify for a licence to sell alcohol you will require training and a qualification which is S.Q.A. approved. This qualification is known as the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) level 6. You can attend one of our one day instructor led courses, sitting the examination at the end of the day. Upon a successful pass you will receive an SCPLH certificate that will allow you to apply to your local Licensing Board for your Personal Licence or if you prefer we can process your application for you.


Who is my Licensing Board?

Take a look at our local authorities page to find your local licensing board.


How many Personal licence holders must I have?

As many as possible, the more staff qualified to sell or authorise the sale or supply of alcohol the better. On certain venues the police may insist on more than one personal licence holder to cover shift patterns, holidays and sickness.


Where can I do my training?

We offer one day SCPLH (personal licence) courses at locations throughout Scotland. Telephone 0845 388 5472 for course locations.


Can I take a practise exam?

Yes, you can test your knowledge and take our online practise exam here.


What happens if I fail the exam?

If you took the SCPLH course before August 1st 2013, you MUST now take a full day re-sit, this is due to changes with SQA. The price of the full days training and your re-sit is £50 + VAT.


How long does it take to get my result and certificate?

Results will be available within 7-to-10 days. We aim to have your certificate sent to you within 5 days working days after receiving your results.


Who will do my training?

We use qualified professional tutors to deliver your training programme, 95% of our trainers are Scottish and live within the local area, therefore your tutor has a local knowledge of the police and licensing board requirements for the area.

What is the pass rate?

Last year our pass rate for the SCPLH certificate was 96% across all of our Scottish centres.


Can the training be conducted at my premises?

Yes, if you have more than 10 people working within your business that require a personal licence then we can bring the training to your venue. Please contact our administration team for pricing information.

Do I need to up date my training?

Yes, personal licence holders have a duty to update their SCPLH training every five years. This refresher training is known as the SCPLH/R. The course consists of a half day training session and exam designed to update the licence holders knowledge of the Licensing Act for Scotland.


What training do my staff require?

All staff working in retail premises involved in the retail sale of alcohol must have received training on all 16 units prescribed by the licensing Act 2005. This includes member of staff who work part time or full time. See our SCLPS page on our online website for further details.

Do I need any other type of training certificate?

If you are a premise manager you will be expected to hold a Level 2 certificate in food safety. All member of staff involved in the preparation, sale or serving of food should also have received adequate training. Remember “Beer” is classified as a food under The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995.

Can I use my personal licence in England and Wales?

No, a Scottish personal licence can only be used in Scotland, however a Scottish licence is transferable throughout Scotland. So if you licence was granted by Glasgow Cities Licensing Board then you could use your licence in Edinburgh, Stirling, Aberdeen etc..

Can I hold a English personal licence?

Yes, some of our clients regularly trade over the boarder in England at trade shows, fairs or events and sell alcohol by retail. You will need to gain an APLH Level 2 licensing qualification and apply to a Licensing Authority to hold a licence. We advised that you speak to our expert licensing team regarding this type of licence.

How much does a English or Welsh personal licence cost?

The average cost of a personal licence in England and Wales if processed by a licensing company or solicitor is £325.00 – £360.00

How much does a Scottish personal licence cost?

The average cost of a personal licence in Scotland  if processed by a licensing company or solicitor is £325.00 – £350.00. An application made to a Licensing Board is £50.00

We only charge £275.00 including all fees.

How much does a Scottish SCPLH certificate cost?

We only charge £137.50 + Vat for an SCPLH certificate. A refresher SCPLH/R course is priced at £75.00 + Vat