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SALPS (Scottish Award for Licesned Premises Staff)

“Easy to use e-learning course and easy to understand online training for your staff.”

Ensure your staff are compliant with the SALPS online course

Your staff will complete the necessary training under the Scottish licensing Act (2005) in record time with our online E-learning course, making them ready for work with you sooner. Never be short of staff again with our flexible online access.

As of 2007 all staff selling or serving alcohol in Scotland must have at least two hours training.

Our online course covers:

  • The legal requirements for training staff who sell or serve alcohol
  • Licensing and the licensing objectives
  • Definition of alcohol in the Act
  • What constitutes an unlicensed sale
  • The functions of Licensing Standards Officers
  • The different types of licence conditions
  • National mandatory licence conditions
  • Special provision for clubs
  • Licensed hours
  • Offences under the Act
  • Proof of age
  • Test purchasing of alcohol
  • Best practice regarding service and refusing service
  • Units of alcohol and alcoholic strength
  • Sensible drinking limits
  • How to manage conflict situations


The online SALPS E-learning course is accredited by EDI (Education Development International)


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