Personal Licence Courses Scotland

Personal Licence Courses Scotland


How to gain a drinks licence, or bar license in Scotland.

Are you looking to obtain your personal drinks licence in Scotland? We hold regular SCPLH training courses in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and Ayr. Your personal alcohol licence once granted will allow you to sell alcohol/liquor anywhere in Scotland.

The SCPLH (Scottish certificate for personal licence holders) licensing course syllabus covers the following subjects;

Personal Licence Courses ScotlandLicensing laws Scotland

Licensing objectives for Scotland

Drinking up time in Scotland

Scottish licensing hours

Scottish licensing boards

Scottish off licence hours

Bar staff training in Scotland

Personal licence holder duties and responsibilities

The Scottish personal licence course is a one day training course designed to give candidates a basic knowledge and understanding of Scottish alcohol licensing law. Traditionally known as a Liquor license, or drinks licence in Scotland. The new licensing regime for Scotland (Licensing Scotland Act 2005) replaces the old licensing system. Licensees are now expected to hold a personal alcohol licence which is valid for 10 years; however there is a requirement for refresher training after a 5 year period. This half day course is known as the SCPLH/R (refresher course).

Premise Licence

Pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and off licence premises selling alcohol (liquor) also require a separate licence this is known as a premise licence. This is a licence for the establishment selling alcohol. A Scottish premise license requires a premises manager whom must hold a Scottish personal licence. If food is served from the premise then there is also a requirement by licensing boards for the premises manager to hold a valid food hygiene certificate.

Food hygiene certificates in Scotland should be equivalent to a level 2 certificate.

Under Scottish licensing law there is also a requirement for staff training. This is a basic level of training that should be achieved by all members of staff serving alcohol under a premise licence in Scotland. This licensing qualification is known as the Scottish certificate for licensed premises staff (SCLPS). This course covers the mandatory 16 units required under the licensing Act 2005.

Premises managers have a duty to keep a record of staff training on the license premise. This record of training should be made available upon request to an officer of a licensing board or other responsible authority such as the police.




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