Personal Licence Holder Refresher Courses Dundee

Personal Licence Holder Refresher Courses Dundee

Personal Licence Holder Refresher Courses DundeeWarning for Dundee licence holders.

Serious concerns have been raised by Scottish Licensing Boards including Dundee City Council regarding the lack of applications received for the mandatory five year personal licence holder refresher course known as the SCPLH/Refresher. After a recent report made by the Scottish licensing law journal SLLP. Current figures indicate that some Scottish licensing boards have not received a single notification of any completed training by personal licence holders within their jurisdiction. Personal licence holders in Dundee who received a licence on or before September 1, 2009 must have completed refresher training by August 31, 2014 and submit evidence of this to their relevant board no later than December 1; those who fail to comply will have their licence revoked and cannot apply for a new one for five years.

The other problem is that SCPLH Refresher Courses in Dundee and other major Scottish cities are filling up as quickly as dates for training are released. It is understood that Edinburgh licensing board said only last week that only 90 people had notified it of having completed refresher training of the 1,632 facing the August 31 deadline. That is a shortfall of 1,542 personal licence holders that have not notified the board.
The city of Glasgow had only recorded 200 notifications out of almost 2,700 licence holders and Dundee licensing board said it had received just 14 notifications of an anticipated 700.
We are advising licence holders to secure a training placement as quickly as possible as loss of licence for no compliance will be catastrophic for any licensed premises in the city of Dundee.

How to book your course

To book your SCPLH refresher course online click on the link below
SCPLH Refresher Courses in Dundee

Refresher courses will be held at the Best Western Queens Hotel Hotel in Dundee. We hope to add more dates before the deadline. Personal Licence Holder Refresher Courses Dundee





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