Personal Licence Holder Scotland

To hold a licence to sell or serve alcohol in Scotland, you need a recognised qualification – and to work in Scottish licensed premises you must have sufficient training.Our short courses give licence holders and staff the skills they need. The licence holders’ qualification has 2 options: Off Sales (shops) and On Sales (pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants).

The Certificate for Scottish Personal Licence Holders is for anyone applying for a licence to sell or serve alcohol in Scotland.

The Certificate for Staff Working in Scottish Licensed Premises is for staff working anywhere that sells alcohol such as off-licences, bars, restaurants, pubs or clubs.

The qualification is nationally recognised and is designed for anyone authorising the retail sale of alcohol in licensed premises including:

  • pubs and bars
  • hotels and restaurants
  • off-licences, supermarkets and convenience stores
  • sports and social clubs nightclubs and entertainment establishments
  • any other venue or site where alcohol is sold

Personal Licence Training (Scotland) Ltd can arrange all of this for you in one convenient package, just call us for a hassle free quote. Unlike some of our competitors we have no hidden charges. We also have a very high success rate in obtaining premises licences, call us today for more details!

For more information call our helpline number 0844 330 7435 (local rate).

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