Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff

Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff

Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff

Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff

The Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff,  Under Scottish licensing law all licensed premises staff must undertake training for either the SCLPS or SALPS Certificate. The licensing Act in Scotland requires that all staff serving alcohol must undertake a minimal of 2 hours training on the criteria laid down by Scottish Government.

Licensed Premises Staff includes anyone serving alcohol form behind a bar, sales counter or directly to a table from a licensed premise or temporary event under an occasional licence. This includes all staff working full time, part time, paid or un-paid.

Training Criteria

  • The legal basis of the requirement for the training of staff under paragraph 6 of schedule 3 to the Act.
  • The licensing objectives.
  • The definition of “alcohol” in the Act.
  • What constitutes an unlicensed activity or sale?
  • The functions of Licensing Standards Officers, including their powers of entry.
  • The Function of an Operating Plan within the Licensing System
  • The different types of premises licence conditions under section 27 of the Act.
  • Special provision for clubs under section 125 of the Act.
  • Licensed hours under Part 5 of the Act.
  • Offences under the Act, particularly those involving persons under the age of 18.
  • Proof of age under sections 102 and 108 of the Act and the Sale of Alcohol to Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Regulations 2007(a).
  • Test purchasing of alcohol under section 105(2) of the Act.
  • Best practice as regards standards of service and refusing service.
  • Units of alcohol and the relationship between units and the strength of different alcoholic drinks.
  • The sensible drinking limits for males and females recommended by the British Medical Association.
  • Good practice in managing conflict situations.


Training should also included any amendments to the Scottish Licensing Act 2005; such as the mandatory challenge 25 policy now in force throughout Scotland.

The Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff training course covers all aspects as prescribed by law.



Scottish Certificate Licensed Premises Staff

In general there are to abbreviations for this type of staff licence training award, they are as follows;

Delivery of Training for Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises

Training can be delivered in several formats, however the training must included all of the above criteria required by law. The types of training available are as follows;

  • Instructor led training by an approved trainer
  • E-learning online course
  • Training from a premises manager who must hold a personal licence

A record of staff training must be kept on licensed premises by the premises manager. It is essential that correct training is given in respect of the Act, instructor led training courses can be expensive if you have a high volume of staff. The average cost is between £50 – £90 per head, dependent on the amount of individuals to be trained. E-Learning is a good option as it will ensure that each member of staff completes the course in full. Most e-learning courses for SCPLH and SALPS will include a certificate of merit.

Training delivered by personal licence holder or manager will require some form of guidance on the Act (Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff – hand book). This is normally provided by the use of a training manual that will included a record of training.

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