Scottish Licensing Laws

The Scottish licensing laws:

Scottish licensing laws

Licensing (Scotland) Bill Policy Memorandum


The Memorandum relates to the Licensing (Scotland) Bill introduced in the Scottish Parliment on 28th February 2005 (which later became the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005). It’s purpose was to inform the parliamentary consideration of the Bill during its passage through the Scottish Parliament.

The Memorandum acknowledged that the licensed trade is a vital part of the Scottish economy and that the drinks and hospitality sectors employ over 200,00 peopple. It also noted that misuse of alcohol does occur and has a considerable cost both to the NHS (estimated at £110 million) and to Scottish society (estimated at £1.1 billion)



The Bill introduces a modern, simpler and more flexible licensing system for Scotland which seeks to balance the needs of individuals, communities, the licensed trade and consumers. It also provides rigorous monitoring and enforcement mechanisms; establishes a more inclusive system for all those with an interest; supports responsible members of the licensed trade and allows local flexibility balanced with consistency of decision making.

It also sets out five licensing objectives referred to as “licensing principles”.

Main Themes

The main themes in the Bill are as follows:

  • Binge Drinking
  • Crime associated with binge drinking and alcohol abuse
  • Underage drinking
  • Irresponsible drinks promotions
  • Communities and giving local people a voice in licensing decisions
  • Modernisation of licensing law for today’s society
  • A review of action so far, and
  • Consultations on the development of the Bill

More information on the Scottish Licensing Laws can be found on the Scottish Government website


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