Scottish Personal Licence Holder

Becoming a Scottish Personal Licence Holder

Scottish Personal Licence HolderTo become a Scottish personal licence holder and sell alcohol or authorise sales of alcohol in Scotland. The holder must pass an SCPLH licensing course to gain a full personal licence from a local Licensing Board.

In Scotland personal alcohol licences are granted and issued by Scottish Licensing Boards.

We at hold regular SCPLH level 6 training courses in various locations across Scotland. To find a location close to you go to our home page and select a SCPLH training venue.

Gaining your licence

scotland_640If you are a busy indivdual and do not have much spare time, then we can process your full licence application on your behalf or if you prefer you can just do the SCPLH training course and process your own application.

Cost of licence

We change £165.00 for the SCPLH training course and certificate only, or if you would like us to process the full personal licence application we charge £295.00 including all fees.

If you would like some more information on any Scottish licensing issue call the experts on: 0844 330 7435





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