Scottish Personal Licence


Scottish Personal Licence

What is a Scottish Personal Licence Holder? Quite simply a Scottish Personal Licence Holder is an individual who has achieve the SCPLH licensing qualification and applied to a Licensing Board to become a Personal Licence Holder.

A Scottish Personal Licence will allow the holder to do the following;

1. Become a Premises Manager, this is the person named on a premise licence as the          person in day to day control of the premises. 2. Sell and authorise the sale of alcohol from a licensed premise.

The SCPLH Licensing qualification is the (Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders) Level 5 and is awarded by several awarding bodies throughout Scotland. To gain a SCPLH licensing qualification you will need to attend a one day training course and sit a multiple choice examination consisting of 40 questions based on the Licensing(Scotland)Act 2005.

Once you have passed your Scottish Personal Licence examination and received your SCPLH certificate you then can apply to your Local Licensing Board for your Personal Licence. Licensing Boards are departments of Local Council’s that now over see liquor licensing throughout Scotland. When your application has been received by your Licensing Board you will contacted by the Police Licensing Officer who may ask you to attend an interview at the Local Police Station, however most interviews are normally now done over the telephone. When applying for your Scottish Personal Licence the Police will conduct a PNC (Police National Computer) check on you, to ensure you are a fit and proper person to hold an alcohol licence.

Once your Scottish Personal Licence is granted it will be valid for ten years, however you are required to sit a re-fresher course on the Licensing Act for Scotland every five years. A Scottish Personal Licence is only valid throughout Scotland and can not be used in England and Wales.

You can book your Scottish Personal Licence online now simply click the link below to find a venue and course dates.

Book my Scottish Personal Licence

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