SCPLH Personal Licence

SCPLH personal licence and  a Scottish personal licence sometimes get confused!

SCPLH Personal LicenceLet us explain the difference between the SCPLH licensing qualification and the actual licence granted by a Scottish Licensing Board allowing an individual to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol under a Scottish premises licence.

Firstly to sell or supply alcohol legally in Scotland you require one of the following;

A premises licence granted under the licensing (Scotland) Act 2005

An occasional licence (this is a temporary licence granted by a licensing board)

We will exclude members clubs from this topic as members clubs in Scotland have no requirement for a premises manager to be named on the premise licence and there is also no requirement for sales of alcohol to be made or authorised by a personal licence holder.

To obtain a personal licence to sell or authorise sales of liquor (alcohol) under one of the above an individual needs to undertake training. This training is known as “a Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders,” or may also be known as an SCPLH Level 6 licensing qualification. SCPLH is an abbreviation of the full qualification title ” Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders.”

The Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders at SCQF Level 6 (SCPLH) is
the qualification needed to apply for a Personal Licence to sell alcohol in Scotland.
The SCPLH course covers the legal criteria set by the Scottish Government and will
enable learners to understand the law, regulation and responsibilities attached to the
retail sale of alcohol in Scotland.

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