Staff training on Scottish licensing law

Do my staff require training?

The simple answer is yes!

To avoid unauthorised sales all staff members serving alcohol in Scotland should be trained on the basic criteria of the new Scottish licensing Act (2005). This includes part time staff (whether paid or un-paid). In Scotland this is compulsary and became law at 5am on September 1st 2009. Personal Licence, EDI, City & Guilds all offer low cost staff training manuals and courses for all staff serving alcohol. However Instructor led training courses for several members of staff can be costly at around £45.00 – £55.00 per deligate. Our distance learning course book or new on line interactive e-learning course could prove more cost effective if you have several members of staff.

To avoid unauthorised sales to underage children or people that are clearly drunk, it is essential your staff receive training. The training must cover the criteria as prescribed under the Licensing Act (Scotland) 2005. The maximum fine for making an unathorised sale can be as high as £5,000 and or loss of your licence. The bad publisity you will receive from local press and newspapers could be extremly damaging to your business.

Staff training can be undertaken in several formats:

  • Instructor lead staff training course with an accredited training provider
  • Instruction from a personal licence holder (premises manager) using our SALPS workbook
  • On line interactive e-learning course

A record of all staff training on the Scottish Licensing Act 2005 should be kept at the premises and be open for inspection by the Police or Licensing Standards Officer (LSO) from your local Licensing Board.

All our SALPS work books contain an individual staff training log for each member of staff.
Our Scottish Award for Licensed Premises Staff handbook is designed for premises managers who want to train their own staff.

To ensure your staff know and understand the new licensing Act (2005) Scotland. We have developed a simple multipul choice test paper and certificate of training. This certificate of competence should be displayed at the licensed premises.

Who should take this award?

Any individual in a job roll that involves serving or selling alcohol in Scotland other than a Personal Licence Holder.

Cost of Training

  • SALPS workbook only (includes individual staff training record)


  • 1 – 9     copies   £10.00 Each
  • 10 – 20   copies   £7.50 Each
  • 21 – 100  copies   £5.50 Each
  • over 100 copies   £4.50 Each

Test paper and Certificate

  • £5.00 each candidate

E-Learning SALPS course

  • £25.00 + vat
  • For multiple E-learning courses please call us for discount rates and to arrange login codes

To Order telephone: 0844 330 7435 (local rate)

Mock Exam online

You can also test your knowledge of the Act by using our online SALPS mock exam